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Basketball Arena | Istanbul, Turkey


As a vital component of the entertainment and cultural center of the city, the Istanbul Super Arena will provide a 16,000 seat multipurpose venue as a cultural anchor for Istanbul. As an entertainment venue this will become one of Europe’s leading buildings for sports and entertainment, constantly booked for all major events.

The arena design breaks out of the earth providing a green park setting as a destination for Macka visitors with a dramatic view to the Bosporus River. The roof will become a series of landscaped pedestrian walkways and experiences connecting to the river. These pedestrian walkways and paths knit together and enhance the urban public park experience on both sides of the Kadirgalar Cd.

The potential of extending the entertainment / cultural district across the Kadirgalar Cd. will further enrich this location as a year round destination for citizens of Turkey and beyond.

As the home for the finals of the 2010 FIBA World Championships, this Super Arena will capture the World’s imagination for its forward design as an environmentally sustainable, public building. This project is a rare landmark in design to showcase an arena incorporating the vision of sustainability. This arena will become a symbol for the City of Istanbul and their leadership of in environmental sensitivity worldwide.

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